Dear colleagues,
Vilnius Research Group (VRG) was founded in 2009 to develop and improve the odontology science in Lithuania. Moreover, we aim at increasing the opportunities for the modern scientific researches for Lithuanian scientists. The man our objective is to create and develop materials, techniques and technologies in dentistry. However, it is nearly impossible to achieve that aim without perfectly planned scientific researches: laboratory trials and clinical studies. Together we seek to motivate young scientists to pursue the highest results not only in dentistry, but also in other fields of science.
We have already done several successful studies, which have been published in worldly well known dentistry journals. VRG kindly invites to join us everyone who has ideas, wants to participate in development of the science.
We believe that it is really important to minimize the gap between science and practice that is why Vilnius Research Group organises the courses, seminars and workshops that aim to present the newest and most relevant information and share the knowledge about the improvements for the better clinical practice.
Overall, our vision is to become a competitive and equal to other dental research groups in the world.